Digital Strategy

We will design a strategy of digital marketing from A to Z. This strategy will comply with your overall concept. We also choose the right communication mix on the internet in order for this strategy to become the most efficient.

Social Media & Content

Content marketing helps in clients´ acquisition process, so we will prepare the kind of content that will capture their attention. We take care of your active social media profiles and suggest whether you should be active somewhere else as well. We set up advertising campaigns and lead communication.

Digital Audit

Have you set up your advertising campaigns but you would like to double-check if everything is working the way it is supposed to work? We can help you! We dive into your data and tell you how to make things even more efficient.

Digital Analytics

If you measure, then you manage. To honor this motto, we consistently measure and evaluate your campaigns. We use Google analytics or other tools to do so. In case you still haven’t started to measure your results, from this moment on you will.

Creative Storytelling

We take delight in playing with words. As one thing can be told in different ways, the same logic applies for written form. No matter if you need text for your website or a newsletter, we will create a tone and establish other rules for internet communication.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

We will supervise your advertising campaigns on Google or Sklik. We will manage everything in accordance with your needs and subsequently we will optimize campaigns in order to reach more conversions on your website.

E-commerce Legal Services

Do you need to check existing Terms and Conditions or write new ones in respect to the character of your business? You can turn to us in this matter. We will advise on how to deal with personal data of your customers in accordance with current EU regulations.

Search Engine Optimization

We will analyze keywords and suggest their optimization with regards to search engines as well as rentability and targets of your business. Thanks to this action you will not only get more web traffic but also more relevant customers. We will also suggest text edits and measures for search engine positions.